Why Join Bodog Affiliates

If your website visitors share an interest in online poker playing, sports betting, horse racing and casino games, then Bodog bovada’s affiliate program is perfect for you. The program is free for you to join and can start putting cash in your pocket by the end of the first month.
Affiliates choose to join Bodog bovada program for an endless amount of reasons. The main reason is because Bodog simply converts players. You send interested visitors down Bodog's way and their dedicated sales team targeting new sign-ups will work to ensure their conversion. In addition, Bodog's player retention team can continue to ensure a high lifetime return for each convert. Not to mention a renowned customer service department.
Affiliates benefit from a strong partnership with Bodog bovada including working with an Affiliate Account Manager. The Bodog bovada program also provides vast resources and tools such as online reporting access that gives you the ability to track the success of every campaign and free content tools enabling you to maintain fresh sites.
There is no limit to how much cash you can earn by joining Bodog bovada affiliate program. The more traffic you send Bodog's way, the more money you can make. Bodog will take care of signing them up and offering them enough entertainment options to keep players busy for a lifetime.  
Bodog bovada offers such a varied selection that players are bound to find something that tempts their preferences. With over one hundred casino games, not to mention Poker, Sportsbook sports game betting, and Racebook race betting, Bodog bovada offers something for everyone.  

Corporate Structure
Bodog is a privately owned company founded by visionary Calvin Ayre. The company philosophy revolves around the idea that its shareholders are its customers and has transformed online gaming from a one-dimensional recreational activity to an all encompassing entertainment experience. Bodog bovada has pioneered digital convergence in online gaming offering its customers music, martial arts fighting, and television lifestyle shows.
With headquarters in Antigua, music and television offices worldwide, gaming licenses from the United Kingdom to Canada and a commanding marketplace position, Bodog Entertainment is the envy of the online gaming industry.

Digital Entertainment
The vast digital entertainment community offered by Bodog bovada makes it a unique and attractive partner for potential affiliates. This entertainment framework puts Bodog at the forefront of new technologies giving affiliate partners more potential financial benefit.
Bodog's international music label has been producing music and booking international venues since 2005. Bodog Music artists provide background for its video clips, live events, and television shows. Soon the public will be able to buy music online from affiliate links. In addition, the Bodog Battle of the Bands, a million dollar band search competition held across Europe and North America will be aired on major television networks and on broadband (tv.bodoglife.net) in 2007.
Bodog Fight offers the perfect sport for betting, Mixed Martial Arts (a combination of all different fighting techniques) to its fans throughout the world. BodogLife.com/Fight has all the search benefits of being linked to the Bodog family and visitors to your site will be able to access fight information, fight videos, and other branded content from a BodogFight banner.  Bodog Fight is developing an exciting second and third season of an eight part reality series followed by live pay per view events. Event tickets, merchandise and pay per views will be offered in the future. 
An entire production division of Bodog Entertainment produces films and edits all of Bodog TV's shows "in house". BodogLife.com provides access to this content and features a range of shows from Calvin Ayre Wild Poker Card to captivating documentaries. Bodog TV is also in the process of putting together a poker reality show with USD $2 Million prize, the largest TV prize ever.
The Bodog brand is recognized worldwide by consumers. Its marketing expertise has led to new product lines that together make up "Bodog lifestyle" establishing the Bodog brand as leader in the industry. Affiliates benefit greatly from every new campaign that Bodog promotes. Each campaign and new product reaches new audiences enhancing the Bodog brand, increasing conversion percentages, and solidifying overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. More campaigns, promotions, conversion rates, and customer loyalty translates into money for Bodog's affiliates.
Bodog lifestyle is complemented by the Bodog Nation Magazine stuffed with news, analysis, and hilarious commentary on the worlds of poker, casino lifestyle, sports, and pop culture. If that’s not enough BodogBEAT (beat.bodoglife.com) is an up-to-the-minute blog loaded with all you wanted to know, voluptuous Bodog babes, sports, gambling, pop culture, and mixed martial arts news.
Join Bodog bovada Affiliate Program and you can benefit financially from Bodog's innovative marketing and its online nation building.

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