Bodog Affiliate Program - Commission Plan

Becoming an affiliate is the first step in making a living off your website(s). If you’re planning to build a website or already own one, why not plan a little ahead and have your site pay back for its expenses, not to mention the time you had invested in building it.
As an affiliate, your earnings and income will depend heavily on how much traffic you send to your affiliate program – Bodog, Full Tilt Poker, or others. Taking Bodog as an example, once you send ‘targeted’, or relevant traffic, the various entertainment options offered by the poker room, online casino, or sportsbetting site, will keep the players busy and provide you with revenue. Bodog bovada and Full Tilt Poker offer excellent revenue share deals to keep you sending traffic for some time to come, and will reward your efforts nicely.
Affiliates can choose between two popular commission payment options:

  1. Revenue Share - In this option you share in all revenue options
  2. CPA - Cost Per Acquisiton (or Action) means a one-time payment for each new depositor

Bodog bovada Revenue Share
The Net Revenue plan allows affiliates to earn between 25% and 40% commissions of net revenue from Sportsbook, Racebook, Casino, and the Poker Room every calendar month. Net revenue is calculated by the sum total wagering activity on Sportsbook, Racebook, Casino, and Poker per month of the traffic you send to Bodog. 
Percentage breakdown:

Revenue per calendar month


$1 - $9,999


$10,000 - $49,999




For example, if your total net revenue for February adds up to $8,500, you receive a 25% commission of that money. If your total net revenue then increases to $11,000 in March, you receive a 30% commission for March. This plan overcomes the problems created by seasonal fluctuations and thus optimizes annual commissions.
This commission structure is ideal for affiliates with long-term plans since it maximizes the value of traffic that affiliates send to Bodog. It is based on the real value of the traffic you send and their activity since Bodog pays you a percentage of every real dollar spent on site. Furthermore, Bodog can involve you in the process and help you leverage your customer relationships and ideas into unique campaigns that work for both parties.
Affiliates can monitor their successes with Bodog's online reporting. This means you have access to the transactional activity of your entire sheet of referrals. Active Bodog affiliates have the benefit of their referred players being tagged to them for bovada. Every Bodog promotion, campaign, contest, sporting event, and product becomes a tool in your arsenal to maximize your Bodog bovada revenue.    

Bodog bovada CPA – Cost Per Acquisition (Action)
The standard Bodog bovada CPA is $100. This means that if you send Bodog a new referral and they deposit a minimum $20 within the same calendar month, Bodog will pay you $100. No play through requirements or holdbacks.
For affiliates that require to be paid up front, the Bodog bovada CPA commission structure is an attractive alternative to sharing profits. The CPA is basically a sales commission for delivering new customers.
For successful CPA partners, Bodog will monitor the value of their referred players and will structure retention/acquisition campaigns with them. If the average bovadatime value of a referred player does not merit the CPA amounts, a Bodog account manager will work with you to identify how this can be corrected. This simply means that a Bodog account manager will help you maximize your Bodog bovada revenue.
CPA affiliates will be happy to know that Bodog is considered to have one of the industry's highest conversion rates. Every new Bodog signup is assigned to a trained sales person, whose entire goal is to help that player understand Bodog products and make their first deposit. Once this first deposit is made, it registers as a depositor for you, which you can track daily through Bodog's online reporting.
As a Bodog partner, you also have an option to tailor your commission structure to suit your individual business model. For example, if your marketing experience has been with more traditional advertising deals, Bodog is available to discuss the benefits and drawbacks.

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